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Why should I select Concentric Aviation to assist me with my aviation needs?

Because experience and expertise matters. The founder of Concentric Aviation possesses a rare combination of 41 years in aviation, pilot and maintenance experience, advanced education, extensive experience in technical and regulatory matters, in-depth experience in fractional operations, and “in-the-trenches” experience managing and operating a large fleet of complex turbine aircraft. Let Concentric Aviation put our experience to work for you!

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Am I, or is my company, a candidate for aircraft ownership?

This conclusion can only be reached after a thorough analysis of your individual or company situation. The analysis would include anticipated travel destinations and frequency, passenger counts, financial expectations, and ability to plan your trip schedules. Owning an aircraft is an expensive endeavor, and should only be undertaken after a complete understanding of the risks and rewards involved. If the analysis indicates ownership is for you, the next step is to determine the types of aircraft that fit your mission requirements and begin the search!

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What types of costs can I expect to incur as an aircraft owner?

While the dollar amount of ownership costs will vary widely depending on the type and size of aircraft purchased, your costs will routinely be segmented into two categories. Fixed costs might include such items as pilot salaries and benefits, insurance, hangar rent, pilot training, maintenance training, property taxes, depreciation, and numerous subscriptions for navigation databases, manuals, etc. Variable costs might include fuel, maintenance labor, parts, engine/APU/propeller reserves, and landing/ramp fees.

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Does Concentric Aviation provide legal and tax assistance to its Clients?

Concentric Aviation does not directly provide legal and tax assistance, but we will use our extensive experience to get you thinking in terms that might best fit your situation. This pre-planning will help you minimize the use of those resources, and we will refer you to reputable industry experts in those subject areas with whom we have had positive outcomes on previous transactions.

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Once I purchase an aircraft, what is the best choice for how it will be operated and maintained?

The answer to this question really depends on the amount of involvement you want to have. The traditional “flight department” approach involves staffing, payroll, employment liability, accounting resources, contracts, and ongoing decisions to be made on myriad topics. Hiring a management company is a good alternative for many owners, as the need for your involvement is minimal, and you can often financially benefit from bulk purchasing power not normally available to individual owners. Many management companies also hold an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate, which can provide you the opportunity to charter out your aircraft, thus earning revenue to help offset your costs of ownership.

Concentric Aviation can analyze your particular situation, and provide recommendations on which model might be right for you.

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I’ve heard a lot about various “service contracts” available for engines, airframes, parts, and avionics. Are any of these programs right for me?

The primary benefit of these programs is they can provide budgetary certainty to your operating costs, thus eliminating wild swings in cost outlays over the life cycle of ownership. Having said that, the program providers do not price these products to lose money, and have to cover their risk, so there is normally no long term cost savings advantage. Inclusion on these programs can have an impact on your aircraft’s value and marketability, so let Concentric Aviation analyze your needs and make recommendations for what works for you!

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